3D Modelling & Rendering

CrewMark can help with 3D requirements for illustration, architectural modelling and rendering, product placement and character creation.

The way of the world is changing quickly as technology advances and computers become faster and more powerful. Gone are the days where products must be complete or prototyped, then photographed in order to take the idea to market. With today's 3D technology, not only can we create realistic imagery and environments but we can now print a three dimensional model, quite quickly, allowing for that tactile interaction with an idea that may have just been "thought up" the week before.

Architectural Modelling & Rendering

Promoting new housing developments or architectural designs is difficult. It could be one of the most expensive purchases your customer makes and providing a visual interpretation can help your customer see how your product will look, during the day, at night, and seasonally.

From architectural plans to final high resolution image for your marketing, CrewMark can help showcase your product before you've even built it. We will take your plans and: build interior and exterior models; add colour; add details; include furniture; include environments; and supply press ready, photo quality images.

Houses - 3D Model & Render

Product Placement

3D Product Placement - Modak
3D Product Placement - Amarac 1

With the use of professional 3D software, CrewMark can place your product into an existing photograph so that it appears to belong there. We match colours, shadows and lighting to create realistic studio shots without the need for expensive studio shoots. Whether it be in the forest, an office, or in space! We can take your product on a journey into your wildest imagination.

3D Product Placement - Amarac 2

3D Modelling & Rendering

3D Solutions

Daz Studio



Substance Painter

Our 3D studio offerings include:

  • architectural to visual 3D
  • animation & fly-throughs
  • product modelling & rendering
  • advertising compositions
  • inserting 3D objects into photographs
  • character development
  • creative artwork

Character Creation

A character can help your brand, can be a guide for your website or brochures, or can be used to create a story.

3D Characters 01
3D Characters 02
3D Characters 03
3D Characters 04

3D Composition & Rendering

Composing a 3D scene is when it all comes together with lighting, props and great direction. 3D models and scenes can be used over and over again, using different lighting and even different environments to achieve unique results everytime. Why travel the world for the perfect promo shot for your product when you can create a world instead.